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Recently Published
Expressive Aesthetics
List of standardized formal categories used in expressive film-making.
Vocabulary used in the Accessible Civil Rights Heritage project.
This is an empty taxonomy used for demonstration purposes.
Multilingual Film Terms
A in-development, multilingual set of terms used for tagging films in the Media Ecology Project.
Film Language Glossary
Developed by Columbia School of the Arts. See http://is.gd/ColumbiaFLG
Social Power (SOCPO) scheme
"The central concept of the SOCPO-scheme is social power. Social power is based on the control of (scarce) resources. The availability of these resources to an individual determines his or her level of independency. Those who are not independent differ in their level of dependency in terms of their replacebility, controllability and the amount of formal, delegated authority they possess." (Van de Putte and Miles, 2006-5, https://soc.kuleuven.be/web/files/6/30/social%20power.pdf)
Film Roles
A listing of credited roles associated with films
Internet Archive test taxonomy
Demonstration of Skills
Developed by the Columbia School of Social Work
Music Humanities
Vocabulary for CU Music Humanities Course